Calling Leeds

City Square, (Opposite the Station)


Meet at 12 noon


City Square

Look what happened in Leicester on 21 May 2016. Just wonderful!.....

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Come on Leeds - see if you can match this wonderment. You can, can't you?

Come along and bring friends. Maybe you would like to download a poster to display? I'm sure you can think of many places where you will be allowed to place one, even for just a short time. Your workplace is one good idea; shops will often oblige too, especially if you explain what is going on. I believe you will be surprised with the knowledge that so many people are still totally unaware about the badger cull and its implications.

The poster is a pdf, size A4; here is the download link for you:

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B-R-A-V-E 07963 145090


If you are buying something online, easyfundraising will donate a percentage of your purchase to B-R-A-V-E without incurring extra costs.

Come in and see who's watching  

Badger Photograph: Copyright Jason Steel
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